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About us

Planning Futures is an organisation dedicated to the promotion of excellence in the field of town and country planning.

  • We work with built environment professionals from across the sector, and with political representatives from across the political spectrum, to improve the way we plan for new development.
  • Our purpose is to act as forum for leaders in the built environment to share ideas, initiate new collaborations, and communicate the sector’s priorities to key political and administrative stakeholders.

Membership Programme   |

Membership Programme

Our Membership Programme provides a high-level forum for networking, engagement and industry intelligence.

  • Through attendance at our events, you and your colleagues will join a network of leading built environment professionals – helping you to foster new partnerships and collaborations.
  • You will have the  opportunity to engage with key decision makers – who will provide insight into Government thinking on new and emerging policy, and give you the opportunity to articulate your position as built environment practitioners.
  • You will also gain access to a range of CPD and horizon scanning events, designed to enable you and your team to further develop your expertise and to keep up to date with – and anticipate – change within our industry.

Our Events   |

Our Events

Policy Briefings and Q&A Sessions

  • Our series of policy briefings and Q&A sessions with key political and administrative stakeholders are amongst our most popular events. These feature prominent planning figures from local and national government – and in recent years have included Government Ministers, Secretaries of State and the Chief Planner for England.
  • These events are designed to give you and your colleagues an insight into the evolving policy environment, and the impact that new and emerging policy will have on your work.

CPD Events

  • In line with our mission to promote excellence in planning, we have introduced a new series of continuous professional development (CPD) events – accredited by the CPD Accreditation Service.
  • The purpose of these events is to provide you and your colleagues with advanced practical knowledge of the planning process. Each event explores a distinct topic, and sets out the most salient factors in planning for specific types of application. For instance, recent events have focused on topics such as Planning Appeals and Planning for the Green Belt.
  • These events are ideal for planners who want to expand their knowledge in a particular area of planning and for all built environment professionals who wish to better understand the elements of the planning system that are most pertinent to their work.

Horizon Scanning

  • Each year we host a number of events designed to set planning within its broader context.
    These events feature expert speakers from industry, and from academia, who offer analysis and insight on key themes related to planning, housing, and the broader built environment.
  • The purpose of these events is to give you an insight into the wider drivers of change that impact upon the built environment sector. For instance, the first event in this series focused on Covid-19 and Urban Change, and drew on perspectives from urban economics on how change brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic will impact the planning sector.
  • These events are designed to help you and your colleagues understand how wider socioeconomic factors will drive change in our industry, and help you to plan for an uncertain future.

Policy Round Tables

  • In addition to the above events, we occasionally organise round table discussions on issues of particular importance to our stakeholders. For instance, last year we held three roundtables on the Planning White Paper, Planning for the Future, which we used as the basis of our submission in response to the Government’s Consultation.

Our upcoming events are listed on this website. You can view them by selecting the Programme option at the top of each page.

Additional Membership Benefits   |

Additional Membership Benefits

Profile & Branding

  • Membership of Planning Futures helps you to raise your profile amongst other key built environment stakeholders. As a member, you are invited to display your logo on our Members’ Page, with a link to your own website
    (view some of our current members at https://planningfutures.org/membership/directory/)
  • Our events provide a platform for networking and advancing your brand.
  • We regularly feature our members as guest speakers at our events – enabling you to project your expertise to a wider audience.


  • At Planning Futures, we foster collaboration – both with and amongst our members. We regularly work with members on bespoke events and projects.
    Over the years, the relationships nurtured at our events have also led to lasting collaborations amongst our members.

Membership Support

  • We work with each of our members to ensure that they get the most out of their Planning Futures Membership. We are always available to discuss your membership, and to help you to maximise its benefit to you and your organisation.

Covid 19 Event Formats   |

Covid 19 Event Formats

  • Traditionally, most of our Membership events have been held in locations in Central London. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, all of our events have been hosted online via zoom.
  • Planning Futures currently expects to return to physical events in September 2021. However, we reserve the right to hold events online only should it be deemed necessary to do so to protect the health and wellbeing of our members and supporters.
  • As we make the transition back to physical events, we ensure that all events are also available online in order to ensure maximum participation.

Membership Enquiries   |

Membership Enquiries

Membership Fees

  • Our annual membership fee for 2021/22 (12 month period) is £2,500 plus VAT.
    We offer a discounted rate of £1,500 plus VAT for firms of less than 10 employees.
  • We also offer discounts to charities and public sector bodies. Please enquire.

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