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  • Wed

    Planning Futures Supper Club - Dinner with James Heath - Chief Executive of the National Infrastructure Commission

    19:30 - 22:00The Wolseley, 160 Piccadilly, London, W1J 9EB

    Picture of James HeathThe National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) is the Governments expert, impartial advisor on infrastructure.  It is currently undertaking work on its second National Infrastructure Assessment, which will provide an analysis of “the UK’s long term economic infrastructure needs, outlining a strategic vision over the next thirty years and setting out recommendations for how identified needs should be met.”

    We are therefore delighted to be joined for this addition of the Planning Futures Supper Club, by James Heath, the NIC Chief Executive, who has agreed to give us an overview of the work of the commission and his thoughts on how the UK’s infrastructure needs will be met in the coming years.

    James was appointed as Chief Executive of the NIC in 2020 following roles at DCMS and the BBC.

    Following the usual Supper Club Format, this event will take place over dinner at The Wolseley and is open to all Planning Futures Members on a first come, first served basis.


  • Wed

    Planning in Practice: Delivering Sustainable Transport Infrastructure Through the Planning System - A practical guide for developers, consultants and local authority stakeholders

    08:00 (for 08:30) - 10:00Railway Industry Association, Kings Buildings, 16 Smith Square, London SW1P 3HQ

    Panel: Andrew Taylor - Countryside (Chair); David Milner - Create Streets; Qasim Shafi - LB Hackney; Giulio Ferrini - Sustrans

    The NPPF contains several policies designed to promote the delivery of sustainable transport through the planning system – requiring both developers and local authorities to consider “transport issues … from the earliest stage”

    Whilst national, regional, and local government may set an overarching framework for the provision of sustainable transport infrastructure, its delivery at site level is dependent on a collaboration between a wide range of stakeholders.

    Local authorities and developers must work alongside other public and private sector bodies to integrate each new development site into the local transport ecosystem – aligning each individual scheme with a broader set of planning and infrastructure investment policies.

    As both public and private sector organisations seek to bolster their sustainability credentials, this event will explore best practice in delivering sustainable infrastructure through the planning system.

    It will consider how to:

    • Deliver high-quality walking and cycling infrastructure
    • Connect with existing public transport networks
    • Work with national and local transport providers to ensure coordinated delivery of infrastructure and development.


  • Thu

    Site Visit: Wembley Park

    10.00 - 12.00 noonWembley Park (meeting point to be confirmed)

    Planning Futures is delighted to join with

    The London Borough of Brent and Quintain Living

    to offer a guided site visit of Quintain's regeneration of Wembley Park and a presentation on the wider masterplan.

    Site visit guide/speakers:

    Julian Tollast / Brett Harbutt

    Head of Masterplanning and Design/Head of Planning, Quintain Living

    Alice Lester

    Director Regeneration, Growth and Employment

    Communities and Regeneration, LB Brent

    Places are limited to 25 and on a first come, first served basis. Guests will be provided with details of the meeting point after registration.

    This event is open to Planning Futures members only.  For more information e mail:


  • Tue

    Planning in Practice : Local Plan Update

    08:00 (for 08:30) - 10:00Railway Industry Association, Kings Buildings, 16 Smith Square, London SW1P 3HQ

    Panel: Stephen Pomeroy (becg) - Chair; Richard Harwood OBE QC - 39 Essex Chambers; Anna Rose - PAS; Sam Stafford - Home Builders Federation.

    In September, a new Prime Minister will be in post.  This will naturally see the appointment of a new Ministerial team at DHLUC, and an inevitable change in emphasis – if not direction – in planning policy.

    This change in regime comes at a time when the local plan making process has become the subject of controversy at both national and local levels of government, with several local authorities having recently withdrawn their plans from examination.

    As the intentions of the new Government become clear, this event will explore the medium-term prospects for local plans.  It will consider the impact of any new and emerging policies on the plan making process, and how Ministers will approach delays in the production of already overdue plans.

    This event is essential for both our public and private sector members and will provide some much needed clarity on the direction of travel for local plans in the coming years.



  • Wed

    Planning Futures Supper Club - Dinner with Cllr Georgia Gould - Chair, London Councils; Leader, LB Camden

    19:30 - 22:00The Wolseley, 160 Piccadilly, London, W1J 9EB

    Councillor Georgia GouldHow does planning fit into the overall strategic vision of a modern local authority?

    The latest edition of the Planning Futures Supper Club will explore this question with the current leader of LB Camden and Chair of London Councils, Cllr Georgia Gould.

    Over the course of her career, Cllr Gould has developed a reputation as an innovator in local Government.

    As Leader of LB Camden, she has pioneered the use of Citizen Assemblies to develop policy responses to issues such as climate change and the provision adult social care.

    She has also been instrumental in establishing the Camden Renewal Commission, in partnership with UCL’s Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose, which brought together community, voluntary, business, and academic stakeholders to shape four core missions “to renew and build a more equal, sustainable borough”

    Taking Cllr Gould’s citizen-focused approach as our point of departure, this event will explore her view on how planning can help London’s local authorities to deliver on their strategic priorities.

    Following the usual Supper Club Format, this event will take place over dinner at the Wolseley and is open to all Planning Futures Members on a first come, first served basis.



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