Community Planning Film Project

Planning Futures | Community Planning Film Project | 15th February 2016

Planning Futures is to produce a series of short films on best practice in community planning.  Each film will be approximately 10-12 minutes long, and will focus on individual case studies where community-led projects have delivered innovation and exceptional place-making.


There is a new and exciting space emerging for community-led planning in the UK.  As the limitations of top-down state interventions and purely market-led approaches to development are becoming ever clearer, many are turning to grass-roots action to meet housing need and to create vibrant and sustainable communities.  Community and grass-roots organisations across the country have been delivering exceptional projects, which in many instances are providing real solutions to long standing policy issues.

Indeed, many such schemes have been award winning.  Last year’s Turner prize was won by the Assemble Collective, who led a “ground-up” regeneration project in Toxteth, Liverpool.  In 2014, the Central Govan Action Plan won the RTPI’s Award for Excellence in Planning for their community-led regeneration project in Glasgow.  Meanwhile, Bold Tendencies, a not-for-profit, have retrieved widespread praise for the cultural regeneration of Peckham in South West London. In Mile End, London Citizens have demonstrated a new approach to affordable housing delivery, with their potentially revolutionary Community Land Trust, which will soon offer homes for sale at a third of the market price.

The Project

As community-led planning becomes ever more prominent it is important that the groups involved receive the support that they need.  This series by Planning Futures is intended in the first instance as a resource for new and emerging community groups who are looking for inspiration and practical guidance for their own projects.  However, it will also seek to uncover existing barriers to community working in this field – providing guidance for planning practitioners and policy makers on how to better support community planning. 

Each film will be accompanied by a blog post providing additional information and analysis, and will focus on the work that National and Local Government need to do to improve the environment for community-led planning projects.  Where appropriate, these posts will also feature links to additional resources and information.


Planning Futures is currently looking for an initial ten community-led projects to film this year.  If you are involved in – or know of – a community planning project that you would like to see featured in this series we would love to hear from you.

If you or your organisation would like to sponsor or part-sponsor this project, we have a number of options available. 

For all enquiries, please contact Cian at


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